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I promised vacation stories, though there really isn’t much to tell about where I went and what I did. This vacation was more about who I was with. I was lucky enough to spend time with two of the greatest women I know.

First I went to see my best friend in California. That seems like an insignificant title for someone you have been friends with for over 45 years. So yes, she is my BFF and a sister of my heart. She has been through so much in her life and managed to come out in one piece on the other side. She is a lesson in perseverance and faith. I can’t tell you what all she has been through, because she is going to write a book and it’s a secret! But I will tell you this….she is the epitome of a faithful person to me. She has been betrayed by so many and yet she still trusts God. She yells at him sometime, but I promise He doesn’t mind. She just keeps keepin’ on and I love her like a sister. We fight like sisters too. Give us a few weeks together and we are trying to kill each other. But it’s all good….we always seem to come back. And we needed this little visit to reconnect after a few years apart.

She picked me up at the airport and we went straight to the beach! I had my toes in the water about an hour after touchdown! We didn’t stay long, but I got my little fix. I got to see her new home and spend some quality time with her. I also got to see her son and meet his new bride. Beautiful girl! From Orange County CA I flew straight to Minot, North Dakota. What a change!

My other sister is my sister! She is 10 years older than I am, so we really didn’t get close until I was in my 20’s. The few things that I remember about my childhood with her is that she thought I was her big doll and would dress me up and pose me for pictures.

As I grew older, she helped me so much by telling me what to do giving me guidance in raising my family, cooking, and all that stuff that girls need to know. Between my Mom and my sis, I had two strong women to steer me in the right direction. We are so much alike in so many ways, and yet so different in others. But we “get” each other. This is a good thing, because nobody else does!

We completed a 3 day rush road trip. First stop was the Medora Musical. It would have been lots of fun except for the rain. Did I mention that this takes place outdoors? The rain did quit long enough for us to see most of the show, and it was quite an experience. We were blessed with a double rainbow that appeared right over the stage!

The next day we meandered down to South Dakota heading toward Mt. Rushmore. Of course, I was posting a “check-in” on Facebook wherever we went. And I won’t deny that I did a “check-in” every time we drove past a bar or casino. My husband informed me that it doesn’t count unless you go in. Says who? I thought sure our kids would call the State Troopers on us, but I guess they knew us better than that. Anyway, the check-ins served a totally unexpected (but awesome) purpose. Our niece and her boys, who we hadn’t seen in about 10 years, were going to Mt Rushmore too!  So after a nice evening in Rapid City, we headed to Mt Rushmore and had a quick visit with her. That was pretty special!

We said goodbye to the Presidents (I was pretty impressed with them!) and headed back to Minot. We had one day to recover before my flight home.  Something was confirmed for me during this visit. My sister truly is my hero. She is 65 years old and has not let ANYTHING keep her down. She moved to Minot for a new job opportunity at the age when most people just want to sit at home. She tackled a new challenge because she felt she needed a challenge in her life. How cool is that? New town, new position….I’m not sure I could do it. But she has pushed through everything that got in her way because she saw an opportunity to grow, both professionally and financially, and she just took it. She’s an amazing lady, and I think I will hang onto her for a very long time! By this time, I was a little tired and missing my husband a lot. So back to the old routine for me. This was possibly the best vacation I ever had, but all good things must come to an end.

I truly was ready to come home. I have a loving husband who supports all my whims and puts up with my quirks. There’s two big ol’ fur babies that were SO excited to see me. I have a good job to come back to at a time when so many don’t have one. I have grandbabies to spoil rotten. And I have two best friends/sisters on opposite ends of the country that I can always count on for anything. I. Am. Blessed.