It’s been way too long since I posted. Busy, busy times for me…very unusual. In fact, I am pretty well exhausted! But it’s all good. I figure it will be no time at all before I am back to my lay-around self, eating bon-bons in front of the television.

Now for the big reveal! The darlin’ granddaughter just celebrated her 2nd birthday. I posted the dress I made for her a few weeks ago. One thing I didn’t mention was that my daughter never asked me to make a birthday dress. I never asked my daughter if I could make the birthday dress. I just assumed that nothing had been picked out, so I pigged my way into the middle of it and took over. I have to watch that. But as it turned out, it was much appreciated, and oh so cute!Image

So what is wrong with this picture? EVERYTHING! The first thing you might notice is the blurry wrapped arm. Well the little darlin’ had an incident involving big bed/big brother/big owie. At this point, there was a “suspected fracture” but as it turned out it was just a sprain, thankfully. The next thing you will probably notice is the crappy picture. This Granny, who is the camera guru and designated photographer for all family events, left the camera at home. I am still hanging my head in shame for that one. The last thing that you might notice (hopefully?) is the adorable dress that was in a recent post. She looked so pretty in it.

And now to the main event. The kids had lots of fun playing with the brand new kitchen that was lovingly built by the hubby and myself. No tutorial here. Just pictures with a few explanations is all I can offer.

There are dozens of tutorials and ideas out there on the crafty sites. How it looks will obviously depend on what you start with and your level of expertise with tools. I have NO expertise unless it’s a sander. Hubby can build just about anything that requires the use of tools. So he was drafted for this project.

We started off with a cheap black laminate “tv stand” that was about to be junked. It had a removable shelf that was trimmed down to make the oven door.

After a good sanding to rough up the surface, this was primed all over with a good even coat of oil-based Kilz primer. I did this the hard way…..I primed it with water-based primer, and watched it slide off when you breathed on it, so I had to scrape it off and start over. I don’t recommend this method. Just sand and prime…keep it simple.

Hubby added a back made of particle board, and added a front piece for the knobs. He does such good work!

He used a piece of scrap plywood to make the oven bottom because we needed the shelf to make the oven door. The plywood was necessary to have something sturdy enough to hold the hinges (leftovers from kitchen project). The oven part is big enough to cook a turkey, but hopefully is too small for a child to get shoved into. We left enough space under the oven for a small storage basket and added a matching curtain. I used gorilla glue to attach heavy-duty velcro to the wood, and then sewed the soft side of the velcro to a ruffled curtain. I imagine it’s been removed about 100 times by now, but at least it will last awhile.

I had two small wooden card file boxes laying around, so we painted them and attached to the back. One is an open “cupboard” and the other is a microwave! A plywood door, a cheap handle, a shiny black painted “window” and the key pad from a $3.00 rubber calculator (Big Lots) was enough to make her microwave look real! Well sorta…

I found a scrapbook paper that coordinated with the fabric, and decoupaged it on as the “backsplash”. We added two wooden circles, a painted PVC P-trap, some cheap wooden knobs, paint and a old dog bowl (thoroughly cleaned up) to provide all the finishing touches.

The oven door “window” is the original black laminate that we masked off to keep it black and shiny. I think that was much easier that way and we had nice crisp corners.

I spotted some adorable coordinating knobs at Hobby Lobby (1/2 price) so I couldn’t resist buying them. She can hang her little dishtowels and potholders on them. We were originally going to put a towel holder on that side, but I had images of her using it as a handle to push this thing all over the house, so we opted for knobs.

By this point I was tired of having to bother the hubby with more “one more little favor”s. But I wanted to add a chalkboard to the other side. So I went to hobby lobby and bought “stretcher frames” from their art department. Each side is around $1, and you can make it whatever size you need. I opted for 11×14. You insert each piece into a pre-cut slot on each corner in order to make your frame. I glued it and painted it, then masked off the same size square on the side of the kitchen. I used the formula from pinterest for making your own chalkboard paint (1/2 c paint+1 T unsanded grout). It worked like a charm!. My only suggestion is that you let it dry thoroughly before you glue on the frame. That will save you the trouble of having to touch up the botched corners with a different paint (because you ran out of the the other one). I think after a few months of chalk, you won’t be able to notice, but I know it’s there. Grrr.

I made coordinating apron, potholders, oven mitt and dishtowels from the scraps for the final touch. Honest…it’s done!

TADA! We are pleased with the way it turned out.

And of course the best part was seeing how much fun she had with it. She dug right in and cooked us up some plastic eggs on a plastic pizza. YUM!

I am sure that she will be a really good cook!