I  always dreaded that assignment in school because we didn’t do the typical vacations in my family. We lived in California but I never saw the beach or Disneyland until I got old enough to go with other people. My Dad’s idea of a vacation was driving like a mad man all day and all night to get to where you were going, which was always to visit a relative. My brother and I would be wrestling for space in the back seat amongst the thermos, blankets, and food sacks. Sometimes the only way to get comfortable was to hang our feet out the window. Yes, that was me that you saw in the 1963 red Ford Comet.  Lunchtime meant parking under a shade tree with a box of crackers, a can of squeeze cheese and some vienna sausage (known in my family as “Vi-EENY sausage”). If we were eating “high on the hog”, we’d stop at a grocery store and get some bread and bologna.

Mom and I were careful not to drink too much water. It was fine to stop long enough for Dad to “water the bushes”, but heaven forbid that Mom and I had to stop unless it was for gas….then we made a mad dash into the gas station for the ever-present bathroom key that opened the hell hole sewage pit. You know the one…behind the gas station, in the alley between the old tires and the dead car parts. But it was better than squattin’ in the bushes off the side of the road (I’ve done that plenty of times). These road trips were long before Ipods, Ipads, and CD players. If I were really lucky, my brother would play the license plate game with me. I don’t know how we passed the time, but we managed. We dreaded these trips when we were kids. What I wouldn’t give right now to hop in the car with my parents and have one of those hellish road trips. Sadly, I don’t have any pictures from those days. But here is one from a short Easter trip to see the California cousins. That’s me in the middle. I have no idea what kind of top knot was on top of my head! The tall one is my too-cool-for-Easter Eggs brother, and the old Ford Comet is on the right. Good times.

I just returned from a different kind of vacation/road trip. And since I have no life, I will tell you all about it (in detail) in future posts. It was amazing!!!!!!!!!!