Why is change so hard? I don’t know about you, but I get terribly bored with the same routine every single day. But I resist when things change. Maybe what I want is a little more excitement when I’m doing the same things? I can see a down-side to that too. I work in the medical field, so excitement is not necessarily a good thing. But to resist change seems to be ingrained in almost all of us, including dogs.

I’m getting ready for THE BIG TRIP.  YEAH! More on my vacation plans later, but definitely excitement and change in my boring life. I can’t wait for the adventure, but I am secretly dreading the change in my routine….my pillow, my bed (or recliner), my tv, my husband (I’m flying solo), and of course….the dogs.

They will be home alone for longer hours, so we installed a doggie door to accomodate their potty breaks. So this morning I dig into the treat bag and begin the task of teaching my uber-intelligent German Shepherds to push through a clear barrier. My dogs are VERY respectful of gates, doors, fences, and windows. It’s a work in progess and I got them to go back and forth several times (for treats), but I am still not sure if they will get the connection about being able to get outside on their own. We shall see.

During this process, I snapped a couple of pics of Beau, my 5 year old male. He’s laying in front of the doggy door.  He’s used it a couple of times, but yet he makes no attempt to bolt through it into the open garage on the other side. It made me think a little bit. I worry that my dogs don’t get to do dog things like chasing rabbits and swimming in ponds. Yet here is Beau with the perfect opportunity to escape this prison and he makes no attempt to go. I’d like to think that it’s because he doesn’t want to leave my side, but I know that it’s more likely that it simply never occurred to him. How often in my life have barriers been removed that keep me from  change and fun and excitement, and it simply doesn’t dawn on my pea-brain to walk through the door into an adventure? Instead, I end up snoozing in front of the open door, watching life go by. Pets really do adapt to their owner’s lifestyle, don’t you think?

So I will traipse off into my multi-state adventure, leaving behind my pillow, my hubby and my dogs with only my Iphone for comfort. I have a week left to gear up for this! Wish me luck!