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Monthly Archives: May 2012

ImageWarning: This post may be offensive to clean freaks and germaphobes. Yes I love my dogs. I am not one of those obsessive people who dresses their dogs in sweaters or spends $300 at Pet stores on chew toys. However, I take care of them very well and worry about their well-being sort of like I did my kids all those years ago. I just don’t take them anywhere. Why, you ask? Well because they both weigh about 70 pounds and are very hard to handle for an almost-senior-citizen with a bum leg and back. So we stay home except for that yearly checkup.

Button is my older female. She is almost 10, which is 70 to you and I. Her hips are bad so she limps. She is neurotic and scared of thunder, neighbor boys hitting the fence, popcorn in the microwave, and being away from me. You can see the problem. But she is so sweet and loving and was my first venture into big-dog-in-the-house life. She has trained me very well. No food on the counter when you are out of the room. No food left in trash can when you leave the house. No stranger comes in without getting the living daylights scared out of them. See! I learned fast! We got her when she was 4. She was fairly well set in her ways. Anyway, back on topic. Because she is so hairy, and because she is apparently allergic to dust or air, she is an itchy scratchy mess this time of year. Being a dedicated dog mom, as well as being frugal, thrifty and a cheapskate, I searched for home remedies for her itch. Oatmeal seemed to be the most popular choice. So I went to the garage to look for a tub that would hold a 70 pound dog in a tepid bath of oatmeal juice. Nada. Next best thing is the trusty bathtub. So yes, I filled up two socks with oatmeal, threw them in the tub, filled it up, and coaxed her into the cool gray water. She did surprisingly well. In fact, she LOVED IT! Who wouldn’t love a relaxing cool bath on a hot day being scrubbed with an oatmal loofa? She even let me dry her off before shaking!

It’s been 3 hours and no scratching so far. So I wonder if once a year is enough? Isn’t she pretty?


My first blog post on my first blog should be very important. It should echo the theme of the blog, the theme of my life, the theme of what I want to share. I wonder if this is what they teach in Blogging 101 in High School these days? It sounds like a rule, and the first thing that you will learn about me is that I don’t particularly care for rules. Don’t get me wrong. We need them. I follow them faithfully. But deep down inside there is an almost-hippie rebel from the 70’s that says “SCREW YOU. I do what I want!” Then I turn on my heel and follow the rules because I am a pleaser at heart. I clash with myself ALL the time! But for me, in this little creative outlet, there won’t be any rules about theme or grammar or what other people would approve of or run-on sentences. There will be lots of dog stories. I have two German Shepherds who pretty much rule my life. It will be about grandbabies because mine are the cutest. It will be about cooking because the hubby and I have adapted a new healthy lifestyle and I cook things like quinoa cakes with kale and black beans. I eat them…he can fix his own stuff. It will be about crafty things because I love to start cool projects and never finish them. And it will be about growing older and the pitfalls, the trip and falls, and the windfalls that life brings. And it may contain a broken dream or two…the realization that the outcome I envisioned in my head was a pipe dream and reality can be just as good. So I give you this picture. I wanted a beautiful back yard. I have a dog-trodden weedy ugly mess. Barren. Boring. I hate it. So my neighbor was kind enough to give me this rose to brighten my yard. Who knew that not pruning your roses could actually bring a smile to someone else’s day? That’s the lesson for today.